Kings X – XV

Posted by Phil Coote on May 24, 2008

Reasonable rock.

This band, who’s Wiki page is filled with [citation needed] are a hard rock, non Christian rock band. I say ‘non Christian’ not because they don’t follow the religion, but because they, themselves, do not want to be tagged as a Christian Rock outfit. From listening to the album, there is nothing inherently religious about the album, although I read that they have been more blatant with their religious views in the past. The first song is called ‘Pray’ but they use the word ‘If’ quite a lot. ‘If you really do believe…’ so it’s not preaching or anything, but you can kind of tell that they are religious.

The album itself is okay, sounding, at times, quite close to recent Foo Fighters. There’s nothing really to write home about, with this album for the positive or the negative. There’s nothing to make jokes about, without inventing some religion jokes, that don’t really present themselves.

The best songs on the album are ‘Alright’ and ‘Broke’ which is funny because the album is just alright and… I dunno, they will be broke cause nobody will buy the album. Like I say, there’s no real jokes to be make about this album. It’s extremely mediocre.

Listen to this album: While stood on a rising platform.

Rating: 69%

Extract from ‘Pray’, ‘Alright’, ‘Broke’ and ‘Move’

‘Alone’ (from the album “Ogre Tones”)

2 Responses to “Kings X – XV”

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  2. Last I hear, they actually don’t follow the religion… Doug since roughly 1996 or so… Jerry roughly same time, and Ty maybe does or maybe doesn’t. They’re decidedly just a rock band, not a Xian band or a non-Xian band. Just a rock band.


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